The Update of Valheim Hearth and Home gets an animated trailer and a launch date

Since September 2020, the late-night online range series Saturday Night Live (SNL) has actually featured 156 cast members. The set was initially referred to as the Not All Set for Prime-time Television Players.

Gamescom Opening Night Live featured ads, revelations and more for more than 30 different games, but for valheim fanatics, there was only one thing that was worth waiting. The details about the long-awaited home and home update of Valheim have been very expected for months, since the developer Iron Gate Ab fought with viral success and the demand for fast and new content. The time has come, since Iron Gate AB is ready to confirm that Valheim Hearth and Home will arrive on September 16.

To celebrate the announcement of the launch date of Hearth and Home, Iron Gate AB shared an animated cinematographic advance made only for revelation. He presented a Nordic warrior fighting a dragon and removing his head, followed by a long and dangerous trip back to his farm full of friends and food. Of course, the effort was everything to ride the head of the dragon over the home, because the home is where the heart is.

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Along with the launch of the trailer, Iron Gate AB also launched his monthly blog in Steam for fans to deepen more details. To begin, Iron Gate AB reiterated what the players can expect in the next Update of Valheim. Home and home will include new furniture, construction pieces, food and more. The development team also mocked two new ones …

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