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Who during the Opening Night Live and Generally the Gamescom hoped for new information about Elden Ring, was disappointed. From the coming Action RPG from developer from software was far and wide nothing to see. But I hope I have a reasonable compensation for you.

Thanks to an interview, the Gamestar colleague Elena was allowed to lead with fromSoft developer Kitao-San, there are all kinds of freshness and extremely interesting information, which I do not want to pretend you. This article should be about how Eden Ring opposes you compared to a secretion, offers you funds and paths to master the no doubt bright challenge.

1. A map for the overview

In Sekiro, there is a world map that gives us a rough overview, but is nice painted but otherwise very helpful.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, gives us a huge world map on the hand, as we know you from Open World Games. Not only is the map totally drawn according to Elena and very clear, we can quickly and easily mark important places here thanks to a variety of markers. There the mad dragon, which is still too strong for us, here the locked abbreviation, to which we should come back later. We should find the individual fragments of the card according to Kitao-San during the game.

Sign up for secrets and generally preserve an overview is tremendously motivating and looks a bit of the completely lost feel.

2 . The ghosts that I called

That it is so-called Spirit Summons , Via Item Summonable Ki Helper, that was already known. How exactly the whole system works, there were plenty of question marks.

When can I call the ghosts? Always when a corresponding monument is nearby, so not everywhere in the game world. Elena told me that at least in the varied boss called Godrick, a summon of spirits is possible and generally it is very likely that we can also bring the spirits to help with the nasty chunks next to Koop Partners.

This is how the Spirit System works: similar to Pokémon, you can collect defeated opponents, stream them and later in combat. To do this, she plopves a stone and the ghosts appear. As we know now, you can also summon collected opponents, who rush as cannon food on your enemies. But also simple tanks, bird-like beings and many more.

For me, the Spirit Summons are initially an exciting system, which sounds very promising on the paper. Ultimately, however, it has to show how useful the helpers really are or if they even make the balancing completely upside down. But I do not go from that now.

3 . Retry Points instead of revival

In addition to normal illuminated fires (here: Sights of Lost Grace), where you will be revived after the demise, rich, skills for your weapons, which even have roughly the way to you and where you can use the speed-trip function, there are so-called Retry Points.

According to Elena, these are basically a kind of checkpoint light , which are well hidden against heavy passages in the game and to save you long running paths in the Open World. As in Demon’s soul, running forever through the levels to the boss, you can spare you in Elden Ring and reduce frustration.

According to Fromsoft, the Retry Points are the counterpart to revive in Sekiro, but adapted to the Dark Souls style. Immediate resurrection of the dead is not possible in ELDEN ring.

At this point I really facilitated. As much as I closed Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls into the heart, part of a minute long ways to the next boss I do not need anymore. No, really not. For this, the Retry Points are a good interim solution that fits the game principle.

4 . New forms of healing

The Estus flakons, refillable medicinal bottles, are again the means number 1 to bring the weakened life in the green area. As lived from Dark Souls, you get your ESTUS back to light fires.

However, in addition to Raren specialties, there will be other possibilities for healing – and do not worry, the stones from Dark Souls 2 belong to the past. And she gets a little life energy through the killing of opponents.

While this helps you in Bosskampfen little, but should serve that you continue inspired the game world in little life or less Estus number to continue to explore. For an Open World game, which is designed for extensive exploration, a very good idea.

Crafting: Whether making items in a souls game is a good idea, but we will still see that. Anyway, it is possible to find resources in the game world, with which we can make medicinal objects.

5 . Our timbrain

Thanks to Kitao-San, we also got to know our mount a little better, now know what the good has everything on the box. Thus, the riding can carry out a double jump at any time and at certain points in the game world marked by a glowing circle, hundreds of meters jump in the air.

(almost) Always at your page: Do you move to the Lands Between, the great Open World, you can summon your heat at any time, crosswise cross. Only in dungeons and in multiplayer sessions you have to do without help. That you have to do without the Mount Mount in the multiplayer part, according to Kitao-San technical reasons.

Also, with your mount Mount riding your enemies, you can take in the shortage, which according to Kitao-San is mainly meaningful for large opponents.

What the struggles are concerned about horse I am still extremely skeptical. So far, I have barely played a video game with distance from Ghost of Tsushima, which has fun fighters on horseback. Wait.

Dark Souls 3 - Sirris's Questline (FULL NPC QUEST WALKTHROUGH w/ COMMENTARY)

6 . Many ways lead to the boss

Elden Ring is anything but a linear experience, which has once again confirmed for Elena during a gameplay presentation.

Here, after a conversation with a NPC, the way into a so-called Legacy Dungeon (here: a large castle) could be chosen straight through the main gate, or, the long way outward by an extension. Here it will be strongly on how much your skills in battle familiarizes whether your enemy wants to attack Frontal or rather want to approach your opponents from the outside.

Apropos sneaking: This goes in Elden Ring as at Sekiro also. So you prefer to surprise many of the more smaller opponents with a baking rod and have patience for just. Thanks to day-night change, this is especially effective in the moonlight.

Three more points that make life easier for you

Below we want to perform three already known helps that make life in Elden Ring a little easier:

  • Less case damage: With your character you choose from ten classes as you like in Dark Souls via editor and developed later, you can not only jump, is the good or the good far more agile. If we have already blessed the time in Dark Souls for a five-meter height hop, the fall damage in Elden Ring is far lower. This should invite this to explore the world according to from software.
  • Optional bosses: No, do not worry, in Elden Ring you may fight against all sorts of nasty chunks. It is new, however, that half of all bosses are pure optional. Who wants to feel strong enough, may race from a demi god to the next and looks faster one of several ends. Or her skipps boss, against which you see so at all no country.
  • The story: Also Elden Ring tells his story fragmented and thanks to Environmental Storytelling. However, the story focus is far more on the characters that are all associated with the Elden Ring. This a red thread should arise, which makes it much easier to follow the events.

7 . And last but not least, the flexible combat system

At least for me most important point, the Elden Ring is probably clearly accessible and even more easily or more motivating compared to a Sekiro, is the extensive, significantly more flexible combat system.

And here, ELENA was also able to see during the gameplay presentation, as Cool looks like this in action. There were melee attacks combined with powerful magic, weapons capabilities used, it was jumped, rolled, parped, blocked.

From software self says that you have made the most extensive, multi-faceted combat system of your own history for Elden Ring. And that makes me a lot of courage with the more restricted duels from Sekiro, a lot of problems.

Courage, too, because I can liberate myself here if necessary, carvidencies can generally easily shape my character, as he best helps me in the current situation.

The Lands Between: So the game world of Elden Ring is built

Colleague Elena has dedicated itself to another, very important aspect of Elden Ring after the interview with Kitao-San. It describes in its detailed GS plus title story, as the game world of Elden Ring is built. What has it with the Legacy Dungeons on behalf, how does it feel about the game world, to meet whom will be there? Also the fighting and the sneaking has analyzed it exactly for you again.

__0 __0

more on the subject

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All of these you can read in your detailed special on Gamestar, which we have linked up to you.

Many, many new impressions and information about Elden Ring. What do you say about the innovations and how much you are looking forward to the release in January?

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