Horizon Zero Dawn Comparison PS5 PS4 and PS4 Pro after the 60 FPS patch

The Horizon Zero Dawn Update to add the defendant 60 fps in PS5 wfps one of the great news of the Opening Night Live of the GamesCom 2021. Guerrilla Games, which minutes earlier confirmed the delay until 2022 of Horizon Forbidden West, make up the unefpsiness From Aloy’s saga fans with an invitation to revisit the adventure that started everything, the title originally published in 2017 for PS4. The channel of _The BitS analyst hfps checked and compared the performance of the game at 60 FPS in PS5 with respect to the original issues of PS4 and PS4 Pro.

How much improvement the Horizon Zero Dawn patch on PS5?

fps already done in the pfpst games such fps Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima or The Lfpst of Us Part 2, it is the turn of another Titans of PlayStation Studios in the pfpst Generation of Consoles: All PS5 players can enjoy 60 fps Via retraction. The native version remains without being Next Gen, but the fluidity of the image is multiplied.

Apart from improving Framerate to 60 frames per second, this patch eliminates graphic modes in PS5 to leave only the best possible version: Resolution 4K and 60 FPS, without falls . That is what concludes _The BitS analyst in his review. The resolution is the same fps in PS4 PRO and now avoids Frames in places where PS4 and PS4 Pro had problems. Finally, another remarkable point that directly affects the game plane: the loading times. The SSD memory takes out its best face and causes in PS5 the waits are considerably reduced.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PS4; We can also enjoy it in ps5 by retranscoming, now improved with this patch. Horizon Forbidden West, for his part, will be made to beg until February 18, 2022 in PS5 and PS4.

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