Decisive moment pioneer publicly real machine tourist table returned to the tragic Starnlinge Battle

In today (26) Day, Soviet femalescom 2021 Opening Night Live, Decisive Time: Pioneer announced nearly 10 minutes of the latest real-machine play movie, showing a Starlin Glera Campaign with the perspective of the Soviet female soldier.

The Starlin Grene’s battle is an important service in the Second World War. At that time, the German Nazi invaded Standlingel, the death and injuries were quite heavy, but it also reversed the situation in World War II. In the Soviet female, the player will play the Soviet Red Army, the 138th Runor Group, the Soviet Union, the 138th Runar, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union. Lieutenant Petrova, shuttle in the city ruins, killing the German, defending the home.

Decisive moment: pioneer returned to World War II, in the single battle plot, players can play four majorats Europe, East Western Front, Pacific and North Africa, taken from real people as prototype Soldier. Under their active performance, witness the birth of the first special forces.

Decisive moment: pioneer is expected to be officially launched on November 5, login on the PS4 / PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and the PC version (Battle.Net) platform.

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Decisive moment: Pioneer is expected to launch the four major fronts on November 5 to play historical heroes

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