The new open world adventure dokev is made for pok mon fanatics the boss promises fun for the whole family

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Genre: Action-Adventure | Developer: Pearl Abyss | Platform: PC and consoles | Release : Not specified

Cute open world adventure DokeV showed a new breakthrough today at the opening night live as part of gamescom and was ready for us to answer some questions. Changkee Nam shows you a first look at the beautiful world with many monsters to collect and allows creators explain what is behind the game.

* This is what you can expect in DokeV: * The DokeV new action adventure takes you to a world full of monsters called Dokebi. These creatures are brash dreams manifested a desire not fulfilled and help people by giving them strength and confidence.

For the game, this means: exploring an open colorful and happy world and you befriend monsters scoffers who support you in battle. The focus is on exploring the world, discover and make new friends and collect the Dokebi. The developers emphasize that DokeV can unite parents and children, because it is friendly to children the same time, but it can also be demanding.

DokeV game Trailer Gamescom 2021

In the new trailer for the game you can get an idea of ​​the Cuddly and creaky DokeV:

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Changkee Nam could conduct an interview with the developers of Pearl Abyss and show them what’s behind the cute Dokebi and why it is not just another Pokémon MMO.

In an interview, the boss speaks a unique experience for the whole family.

Who is speaking in the interview In our interview written with those responsible for DokeV of the developer and publisher Pearl Abyss, 3 dependents answered us?:

  • Daeil Kim – Executive Producer and founder of Pearl Abyss
  • Sangyoung Kim Main Producer
  • Changkee Nam – Game Designer

Is there any game that has inspired you to create DokeV?

Kim Daeil : DokeV born from the desire to create a unique experience for the whole family. In Korean culture, there are creatures called Dokebi that are related to spirits appearing in ancient Korean fairy tales. From this we derive our inspiration both as the name of our game.

Sangyoung Kim: We have been inspired by natural phenomena of the real world that amaze people, like wind pants or rain falling from a clear sky. Why do these things happen? What happens in the funnel of a trachea?

Curiosity about this phenomenon is expressed in the game in a way that makes you wonder if it was a Dokebi who did something in the funnel of the teaser. Instead of other games, we are inspired by diverse cultural content and in everyday life, which impressed us deeply.

That thing like a vacuum cleaner that you saw in the trailer was a kind of tribute to the Ghostbusters we loved watching. We were inspired by many things, especially in our daily lives, as our daily commute to work and the time we spend with our children. Personally, I get ideas for animation observing the actions and movements of my daughter.

Dokebi are real? Is it only seem to appear when someone puts his glasses on the trailer?

Kim Sangyoung : Dokebi lives closely with people. However, as mentioned, most people do not believe (in Dokebi) and few know their existence and have the ability to see.

Dokebi may be unintentionally naughty, but they are also the biggest supporters of the dreams of people, which gives them strength and allowed to grow along with the people who support them. Although Dokebi can not exercise this power directly in the real world, you can use it to give strength and courage to people.

Change the concept of see the Dokebi lenses shown in an earlier revelation. Certain event gives the main character and some other special characters the ability to see the Dokebi. But most people can not see them.

DokeV is based on real-time battles against a company nasty robots

Typical mechanical What can players expect from other MMO monster? Do we think of disturbing monsters, levelers, further developments …?

Daeil Kim: We change it from an MMO to an open world action and adventure game to collect creatures. We think about the direction of the game and we decided that our goals for the game would be better manifested as an open world and a game of action and adventures. Now it is assumed that it takes place in a huge open world to allow variety and freedom for different styles of play.

Sangyoung Kim: Of course, there will be the concept that the dokebi will be strengthened together with the main character. I think I’ll have the opportunity to tell you more about this at a later date.

The new trailer shows the coaches fighting for the first time. How does the combat system work?

Sangyoung Kim: First of all, the main character of Dokev is not called coach. The main character and dokebi are friends.

To give you some history of history, Dokev is set in a world where artificial intelligence technology has advanced. There is an installation called The Company that manufactures androids with artificial intelligence.

However, the main character sees this company more like a villain, since the technology of the Androids comes from The Company, which Dokebi captures and inserts in chips of IA. The main character who discovers the truth about the suppression of the dokebi by The Company (use dokebi for experiments) plays a role against The Company by freeing Dokebi from the robots.

Changkee Nam: As you saw in the game video, this is a real-time combat that requires direct control and is not librared from a fixed position or a shift method. Dokebi has its own unique skills that they can use to help and support the main character in battle. There are also content in which Dokebi and players come together to use special skills that can change the course of battle.

Controls your character in fights and supports dokebi.

Each dokebi offers a mini campaign to conquer them as friends.

How many dokebi is there for the launch? In addition, each dokebi seems to have a special attack with the player. Do all dokebis have different special attacks?

Changkee Nam: The dokebi are born from the dreams of people. To give an example: someone dreams of becoming a boxer, but it is not allowed to pursue this dream. The impossibility of achieving the dream makes the boxer dokebi appear. The player will find himself and will be friends with this type of dokebi and will experience a story together about this situation.

Sangyoung Kim: It’s not about catching Dokebi. You must become friends with special conditions during the unique history and using track information about Dokebi that you can discover in the city and around the world.

There are some dokebi with which you can become friendly friend, as well as dokebi for those who must meet special conditions. It will be very fun for the player to meet each dokebi to get involved in his unique history.

The dokebi that we have shown you so far are just a few and there will be many more. Each dokebi represents dreams and passions of people. Then, each dokebi is unique and has character, which allows them to show their own skills and movements. In the future, we will gradually present several fascinating docebi.

You can collaborate with others and have small contests

There is a cooperative mode in the monster MMO TEMTEM. But if both players are not on the same level, cooperative mode is not really fun: a player is always too strong or too weak. How does the cooperative work in Dokev?

Daeil Kim: There will be cooperative multiplayer elements to work with other players. If a player wants, you can attack a boss monster along with other players. There will also be competitive content in the game. As for the multiplayer elements, let us think about how they should be developed so that the content is as pleasant as possible. We will publish more information about this in the future.

Will there be PVP? And if so, how important is the PVP?

Daeil Kim: Dokev is a very flexible game and supports an open play style. There will be an experience for a single player in the main story, as well as cooperative multiplayer elements to work with other players. For the competitive element, we develop the idea of ​​a friendly competition that promotes good sporting spirit.

The huge world of Dokev should invite you to explore

How big is the world at the time of launch and will continue to grow after the launch?

Sangyoung Kim: What you saw in our Gamescom trailer and in previous revelations was just a small part of the game world. You can explore the whole world as much as possible. You can think of him as a great open world where you can go anywhere with your wonderful dokebi for a variety of adventures.

You will experience many things like meeting new dokebi, meeting different people, listening to your stories and solving problems. The world is also full of several minigames and interactions. And, of course, the world will continue to grow.

It seems that there are many crazy weapons in the game, like a bubble pistol or a vacuum cleaner. How do I put these weapons at stake and how many can I expect? Do we weapons only contribute advantages in combat?

Changkee Nam: There are many weapons, vehicles and equipment that you can collect in various ways in the world of dokev. These elements are not only used for combat. They have other uses, including improving your ability to explore the world and play.

Each tool has its own properties and uses and will present a variety of tools in the future.

Let me present some more things: Vacuum cleaners are used to suck and move Dokebi from enemies like androids to free them. When you use the Umbrella tool, you hide and become virtually invisible.

Inspired me the children who hide under the umbrellas while they play and think that no one else can see them. In addition, there is something in the Korean folklore called Dokebi Gamtu that makes the user invisible when he gets. We also incorporate a little folklore to the game.

With crazy tools you fly, drivers and jump around the world.

Dokev sees a new approach to a game of monsters

There is definitely competition in the market that you want to address, such as Temtem and, of course, Pokémon. How is Dokev different from other games of monsters?

Sangyoung Kim: There are several distinctive features. For example, each dokebi has special skills and effects that the player uses and gives him superhero powers that transform him into different types of personalities.

The player has the freedom to personalize his gaming experience using his favorite dokebi skills. Dokev is also different from the ideas of capture of other games. You know Dokebi in different ways and you become a friend of them.

Apart from that, there is also a unique graphic style, next generation technology and a wonderful open world in which you can meet distinctive characters. You can also enjoy a more dynamic experience with our action combat system in real time. Knowing the friends of Dokebi is an important part of the content, and I think it is also important to embark on unique adventures and stories in the open world.

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dokev is designed to attract the whole family, maybe even the fishermen

What kind of player do you want to aim with dokev?

Changkee Nam: Dokev is a game that can enjoy the whole family. Our goal is that parents and children can play together. There are also elements that will enjoy the main players. For example, there are secret mechanics in the game and you must find clues to unlock them. There will also be content that requires strategic thinking to entertain players from different levels of play.

What are your plans after the full launch of Dokev?

Daeil Kim: We are in the process of making the game even more fun. What I can tell you is that the game world is expanding and new stories and content will be added after its launch.

You can see someone fishing in both trailers for dokev. As a fan of this mechanics in games, obviously I want to know: Is it possible to fish in Dokev?

Changkee Nam: It is still not safe, but fishing, like other mechanics in dokev, could be used to find tracks on dokebi or something strange. Personally, I enjoy fishing in the real life. In case fishing reaches Dokev, we will try to recreate the sensation of real fishing as much as possible.

A wonderful game of monsters with new ideas.

Dokev brings new ideas to a genre that Pokémon has practically dominated. On the one hand, it is exciting because gender attracts many players. On the other hand, there is also a risk because new ideas put less emphasis on what makes a monster MMO: monsters and their training. Due to my work in the title in La Gamescom, I find the very interesting gameplay and the graphics are also great. But it is still to be seen if the implementation with the focus on research and history will keep you happy for a long time. As a fan of the genre and Pokémon player or TEM TEM for a long time, I am looking forward to the new dokev. But I am still being skeptical before there is no more information about the gameplay of the game. Maik Schneider Independent writer in Changkee Nam

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