Resellers already have their sights on the X Series of Halo

During the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2021, Xbox gave an ad that many people were waiting for. As part of the celebration on the 20th anniversary of Halo, next November a series X Special Edition will be on sale for sale halo infinite _. In this way, the public did not lose a single second, and on sites like eBay you will find the pre-orders of this console at exorbitant prices.

The Xbox Series X of Halo Infinite has a standard price of $ 549.99 and, if you were lucky, you probably preferred it directly from the Microsoft Store. However, some people are willing to take advantage of those who did not reach a console, and sell this piece of hardware up to $ 1,500 .

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A quick visit to eBay reveals that the Xbox Series X of Halo Infinite is already sold in, at least, $ 18 thousand pesos, and there are sellers who want to get up to $ 24 thousand pesos for this console **. This should not be a surprise, as this happens with each new hardware piece that comes to the market.

On related topics, a Halo Elite 2 control has also been revealed. Similarly, here we tell you what is the price of the Xbox series X and control of HALO INFINITE.

Via: eBay.

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