Cult of the Lamb mixes dungeon crawler with construction

Just now, we still have documented Dokev as perpentant game of the Opening Night live by yesterday, but Cult of the Lamb could make this title quite inaccessible. Anyway, we have not seen such a wild mixture for a long time: here there are cute drawn characters like the title lamb and a relaxed village management simulation. However, the whole is paired with occult sacrifice rituals nasty incantations and a cult, we cite itself.

In Cult of the Lamb, you will get a cult who is nasty and super cute at the same time

That’s why it’s time: As the trailer makes it clear, the cute lamb is initially part of a dark ritual, in which it is beheaded. That was not his end, but just the beginning. A gloomy entity brings us back to life, with the aim of freeing the dark beings. For this we only have to start your own cult and as many trailers around us.

This looks like this in the trailer:

How does it play? The main gameplay loop consists of two very different parts. On the one hand, we find ourselves in an action-like dungeon crawler recalled at Death’s Door or Hollow Knight. Here it is important to defeat heaps of opponents, find younger and collect resources.

The action is loosened in every new RUN through different weapons and different modifiers, which is strongly reminiscent of the Roguelite mechanics from Hades. Each run is supposed to feel unique and magic in the form of so-called curses are also available in Cult of the Lamb.

The second major part of the game is, however it to manage our cult and its base. We have to hold our disciples through sermons, rituals and victims in mood, feed them and make away their dirt. Otherwise you can starve to starve, get sick or to pin over.

It is important to collect resources to find new followers and to build food, for example, or build new buildings. The parent’s goal is to find enough younger who worship us so that we can liberate the entity at the end. What is certainly a great idea.

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When it comes out? There is no accurate appointment yet, but as a release period for Cult of the Lamb is now given 2022. The game should appear for PC and consoles. All announcements and trailers of the Gamescom-Opening Night live can be found here.

As you enjoy the style of Cult of the Lamb and the gameplay mix?

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